Plugin adds a new lethal SCP to the game, the SCP-012 "A Bad Composition"

It spawns as enlarged WeaponManagerTablet, in the middle of it's containment chamber.

The SCP-012 item (and plugin) will:
- Attract a player to itself, if he enter it's containment chamber (range configurable)
- Start killing player if he will be to close (range configurable)
- Give a player effects depending of the distance between SCP item (configurable)

When a player comes to close:
- He will try to complete the composition, hints (texts) will be shown ("I have to finish it", etc.) (lines configurable, so you can traslate them to your language)
- Player completing the composition will spawn blood decals underneath (configurable)

Other options:
- Affect other SCP subjects (configurable)
- Announce SCP death because of SCP-012 via Cassie message (configurable)
- Spawn "bait items" near SCP item to bait potential victim (items and number configurable)
 - Close/lock nearest door (012_BOTTOM) when atleast one player interacts with SCP-012 (configurable)

The SCP-012 item can't:
- Be picked up by a player
- Be completed