RPNames is a plugin that gives every player a title and a nickname for RP. So a D-class will be named D-#### with 4 random numbers or a scientist will be named "Dr.'Name'" or MTF Commander will be name "Commander 'Name'". This adds a whole new layer of RP and lets you really get into your character.
-> Over 500+ Names
-> Class Titles
-> Tons of options
Why use RPNames? RPNames fixes the age old problem of trying to RP when XxX_NoobPowner_XxX420 runs past and breaks your immersion. With RPNames Rp will never be the same, D class only being known by their numbers, SCPs being known only by their number, MTF Commanders having their title in their name. No longer do you need to scream out "XxX_NoobPowner_XxX420" as he kills you, Now you can scream out "Dr.Mathis".