Full Control
Full Control aims to give you full control of all the damage values in the game in painful detail, the only limitation being your imagination and time. It gives you Full Control of all damage a player can take.
-> Control of all damage by total
-> Control of all damage by percentage
-> Control of damage by body part for each guns
-> Control of the damage changed by Barrel mods
-> Control of the damage percentages taken per a class
Why use Full Control? 
Full Control gives to direct control to balance the game and quickly react to any new changes made by NW. You can completely change the way the game is balanced per a class if you wanted or make quick game modes, such as headshot only, one shot one kill, or even you can just make minor changes to your liking. Because of the design of Full Control, it does not require a update to the plugin for you to change the damage of new things, such as candies or any other new items in future updates.